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  1. Slender für Mac - Download
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  4. A Free Strategy game for Mac

Slender für Mac - Download

Worse still, there are more unpleasant things waiting for you in the darkness. This alpha version has no ending, in fact you cannot escape or beat the game at the moment.

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It's scary, tense and eventually you might prefer to just relax and exit the game! The graphics are functional, but outdated, and the character models right at the start of the game aren't well animated. You'll soon stop caring about this though, as you'll have bigger, and scarier concerns once the lights go out. It's more gruesome than Slender , while offering a similarly disturbing monster. It amazing.. The controls are easy, and I loved watching other people play too.

Horrifying, perfectly made.

World's Scariest Video Game? SCP-087-B - zojumifixeja.gat

I think this game deserves a good medal. I've been into this game for 2 years and the game's fiction al organization - SCP Foundation. I've had many terrifying and horror experiences in the game and also has a very good atmosphere. Everytime I play it, it creeps me out Nothing more.

Early Access Game

I liked the atmospheric ambiences. I recognized some of them made by Kevin MacLeod. I also liked the ending. SCP - Containment Breach v1. Full changelog available in the description.


Thanks for downloading. I hope you enjoy it ;. SCPB v0. Details below the break! Follow Report Profile. Platforms Windows , Mac , Linux. Company Blitz Research. Contact Send Message.

A Free Strategy game for Mac

Homepage Blitzbasic. Licence Commercial. Release date Released Engine watch Follow. File Statistics. Files Downloads , Downloads Today New Add file. I'd like both Regalis and TorpedoMike to answer this individually: What's your dream for Barotrauma, and how does that. JJRcop , Tue Feb 19, 9: What SCP is trying to cure.

A terryfying free horror game

Thought about this one for quite a while and from what I gather this is what he's trying to cure. Fear itself, the reaso.

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