Microsoft outlook 2011 keeps crashing on mac

Outlook 2011, OS X El Capitan and the Pinwheel of Patience

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It has worked just fine since then. I echo the others! Thank you Srikant! Your solution worked!! I had to do it four times until it fixed it. But it does work! Thank you so much!!! I believe that is related to the new metal engine.

Outlook for Mac 2011 crashes or hangs at startup

I had problem in the past when move to retina mac and outlook was not ready. Anyone else? Using the open in low resolution solution worked for me and Outlook is now up and running and the SWOD is gone. Thanks Michelle for the tip,. What version of Outlook for Mac is this working in? The trick of holding down the Shift key didnt work either.

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Closed outlook — while still pressing Shift — restarted and the dang pinwheel showed up again after a couple minutes. I had similar problem when moved to retina display and with outlook and problem in see font and email. I upgraded because I can still get to my exchange account via ; I guess no-one expects such an issue to exist. You have now impacted work and personal business. This has nothing to do with Apple. The responsibility relies on the developer of the application, Microsoft, to ensure their product works in El Capitan. This issue occurs only when Outlook tries to sync an account with the server.

It makes sense for a messaging application!! What a great post on MS website! Shift key solution did not work. Low resolution option did not work. Does this mean I am at the mercy of Microsoft. Can hardly wait for Outlook …. Hold the shift key, start outlook , keep holding shift key, force quite outlook. I just tried and worked for me. I wonder why Microsoft did not fix this? Then go through the process of rebuilding your identity and that should do it.

This one worked for me when none of the others did.

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Thanks very much. Does anyone find it amazing that the same people who publish Office also created Exchange server and yet, Outlook works on every other form of e-mail system, but not Exchange. No luck with Office on my Mac Book Air. Have switched to Mac Mail. How long was the Beta out? Come on Redmond what have you been doing?

Good vicious circle there MS — now I remember why everything got moved to Apple…. If I click on a different folder such as Sent Folder other than the inbox right as the Outlook window opens you have to be quick , it seems to be fine afterward. Give it a try for a temporary fix. This is the only solution that worked for me. I was able to rebuild the database in Outlook and it is now working for me: This works great as long as you have an office account. The upgrade to outlook made for a more functional client.

Thanks,The first workaround using shift key , worked.

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Restart outlook normally and Bingo!!!! Sadly, the only solution that worked for me was upgrading to Office for Mac No issues there and the new apps do seem to have some other improvements. Can anybody please confirm is this issue is only happening when connecting Outlook to an Exchange server? Am I supposed to be affected by this issue? Thanks in advance. I had the same problem and installed the updates to Outlook version You can also check under the Help menu for Updates to the software, which includes the fix.

Outlook now works fine with El Capitan. I hope this helps! Rough estimate? Very frustrating. Appears to be tied to syncing with Exchange. As soon as Outlook for Mac None of the tricks outlined have worked. At the mercy of the reason I left Windows Microsoft for a fix. Not holding my breath. I operating with Mac Air early , with office So resorted to web mail, which I hate. Thanks KMC! So as soon as you open outlook if your in sent, change to In and visa versa — all good so far.

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My routine is to click on a few different folders until the lightning sign syncing? I am was a heavy Outlook user as a large part of my job involves communicating by email. I was very disappointed when Outlook kept hanging up after I upgraded to El Capitan. Then I realise that have absolutely no need for Outlook. Apple Mail and the built in calendar app are far superior and attractive to Outlook.

Microsoft have managed to lose yet another customer. They seem very good at this. The problem also affects Apple Mail, so it does not look like this is a Microsoft issue. I have reported it to Apple on http: Yep, I get that Get Info dialog up and there is no open in lo-res option. Can you show a screenshot of the option on the Get Info dialog?

I was just about to uninstall El Capitan. Ive been getting the pinwheel freeze within a couple minutes from openning, but i tried something and i havent had a crash for the past hour. Im doing my usual routing to see if crashes or freezes again, but so far the answer is no for outlook. So here is hopefully the solution.

Right click on app and click on get info.

Outlook , OS X El Capitan and the Pinwheel of Patience | Der Flounder

Check of Prevent nap app. Best thing I did was go back to OS X Spoke too soon. Pulled missing email down — left machine and returning to spinning beach ball. I tried the other above suggestions: Back to the beautiful spinning wheel. Then after I restarted Outlook and connected to the internet, emails started to come in again. Going offline was the key. Thanks Test. Nothing Works for me, I tried everything in the thread for work around.

Hope i think need to wait for the Perfect fix. Hopefully they fix it immediately. Stop wasting your time and energy. Start up Mail with the Exchange server and get your calendars and contract over to Apple. Quit ALL Office programs 1. Select ALL the com. Open Outlook — you will be prompted to agree to license terms and asked for the product key. Exit the nag message that the product key should be 25 characters long, then Force Quit Command — Option — Escape the Outlook product key verification program 5.

From Finder, move the com. Restart Outlook and be patient — you are likely to see the the beachball BUT Outlook will sync with the server. I found only two com. I then opened Outlook and was not prompted to agree to terms. It just opened as normal and gave me the spinning wheel again. From two hours before my original post above to now — not a single Force Quit has been necessary.

Try holding down the Command button while dragging the plist files to the new folder. I looked up the Product Key for Office by opening Excel. It was only 20 characters long and missing the last 5 characters — I entered it anyway at Step 4. If no nag, Force Quit what should be the only Outlook window.

However, there is one problem, if I try to switch to Outlook by clicking the icon in my dock, Outlook hangs; I need to Force Quit it and open it again. But switching to it by command-Tabbing work fine. Thank you so much. I have been losing my mind over the past 48 hours. I wish there was something I could do to repay the favor. BTW my first time ever replying to one of these threads as well.


Shift worked, thank you. Took several repeats to get all to load, but working now. Now Outlook is working. For now, anyway, wasted 2. Appreciate the solution. I contacted Apple and they offered no help. I still cannot get anything done if it is set to online. I did, through my college upgrade to I am download that now while backing up.

I did not want to spend the cash but I knew eventually I would be buying it. I shall see if this works. Hi, I upgraded to None of the workarounds worked.

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I already had windows 7 running in VM Desktop parallels. Since outlook for Mac was already crashing in El captain I tried to export the Outlook data into. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience.

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Back to where my email was before the update. Here is a link the the script, just follow the read me instructions. Oct 30, 7: I'm not so familiar with scripts to know if it's correcting a symptom duplicate emails or the core problem a corrupt database. Do you know? Thanks for sending this. I'm just concerned Mavericks and Outlook have a compatibility issue that will require something more "invasive". Oct 30, 9: I don't know that much about scripts either, but all I know is it worked for me in combination with what Bshahidy said about rebuilding the database.

Though that was only 24 hrs ago. Lets see what today brings. Oct 30, 3: Oct 31, 8: I did just that and it did not work. Apple needs to get moving to correct this problem. It is driving all of us insane. Outlook Mac keeps crashing after Maverick installation More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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