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Fastest Time To Eat A Box Of Kraft Macaroni And Cheese

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You may have also heard the whoopie pie referred to as a black moon, gob, black-and-white, bob, Big Fat Oreo, or Devil Dog. At the Ogonquit Festival in Maine, daring eaters take part in a competition so see who can eat the most cream-filled whoopie pies in the allotted time. Luckily, each participant is given the option to wash down each bite with some milk. Residents of Wisconsin are truly passionate about their cheese.

The Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival is the ultimate gathering of cheese-lovers. It also happens to be the host of the annual Cheese Curd Eating Contest, where competitors stuff their faces with the solid pieces of curdled milk known as cheese curds. Hailing from Germany, sauerkraut is made by cutting cabbage into a fine consistency and allowing it to ferment by using lactic acid bacteria. The fermentation process gives sauerkraut a very unique sour and vinegar-like flavor. Sauerkraut is typically eaten as a side dish or used as a condiment on hot dogs or bratwursts.

For competitors in the Sickies Garage Fargo Sauerkraut Eating Contest, however, this German delicacy is the appetizer, side dish, main course, and desert.

Major League Eating & International Federation of Competitive Eating

Thomas currently holds the world record, having eating a mind-boggling six and a half pounds of crawfish in just ten minutes. The peanut butter sandwich has been the go-to snack of choice for most Americans ever since their childhoods. The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to the annual Zombie Pub Crawl, a massive party where participants show up decked out in zombie costumes.

For those who have never heard of a gyro, it consists of roasted meat, tomato, onion, and Greek sauce held within a delicious pita bread. In , the legendary Joey Chestnut set a new world record by putting away 30 gyros in 10 minutes.

The earliest known recorded mac’n’cheese recipe was scribbled down in 1769

Thomas ate 26 dozen cherrystone clams in six minutes. If you thought that the only reason anyone would ever travel to Nevada would be to visit Las Vegas, you would be wrong. They also come to Nevada to watch their favorite amateur competitive eaters devour insane amounts of mashed potatoes at the Silverton Casino Mashed Potato Eating Contest. Residents of the state of Wyoming sure know how to celebrate the birth of our great nation. The courageous competitors who dare enter this pie eating competition better show up on en empty stomach…. Back in , Denmark ate four pounds and fifteen ounces of shrimp in just 12 minutes.

New York – Coney Island Fourth Of July Hotdog Eating Contest

If you ask us, the prize money really should be raised quite a bit. Individuals who are daring enough to sign up for the Vidalia competition have three minutes to stomach as many raw onions as possible.

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The Wing Bowl began in Since then, it has become a Philadelphia tradition. This past year, in front of 20, spectators, Molly Schuyler set a new world record by devouring wings through two minute rounds and a final two-minute speed round. Schuyler was no stranger to the big stage going into the contest. She had previously won two other Wing Bowl titles. This one is bound to get cheesy. Every year, James Madison University hosts its own Grilled Cheese Sandwich Eating Contest where students go head to head to see who can stuff their faces with the most grilled cheese sandwiches.

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The slugburger were brought to Northeast Mississippi from Chicago in This southern fast-food treat is made from a deep-fried beef or pork mixture combined with soy meal. The slugburger is typically served on a bun along with typical burger toppings and condiments.

Matt Stonie set the slugburger world record back in when he scarfed down 43 in just 10 minutes. Sonya Thomas puts on a dominant performance year in and year out. Spectators looked on as six bold participants challenged one another for a dollar gift certificate to Mama Manoa. Of all the eating contests held at Shake the Lake, one of the most interesting is the pickle eating contest.

Back in , hometown hero James Mutchler, took home the first prize, while Alyssa Cate came in second, and Rhett Mutchler joined his brother on the podium in third place. New Hampshire hosts a one-of-a-kind burrito eating contest sponsored by Burrito Me. What most people fail to realize is that the density of a burrito makes it one of the most challenging foods for a competitive eater to scarf down.

The world's biggest chocolate bar.

Massive 10 LB Flaming Hot Bacon Mac N Cheese CHALLENGE

Weighed 12,lbs and 4. Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK When: It took about 10 hours to fill the mold and another three days to cool the chocolate off. Good luck digging your teeth into this.

The Greatest Eating Contests Across America

The world's biggest chocolate chip cookie. Flat Rock, NC When: Their website breaks it down into three steps: Step 1: Create a layered base with gravel, pearlite the white stuff in potting soil , and aluminum sheets on top to serve as a pan. Step 2: Cover the oven with layers of polyester film the material helium balloons are made of to keep the heat trapped inside.

Step 3: Surround the pan with heaters, more than 20, that together could raise the oven temperature to well over degrees. Here's a diagram: The world's biggest bowl of mac and cheese. New Orleans, LA When: We're still trying to figure out how many boxes of Annie's Mac we'd have to buy to beat this record. The world's largest pancake. Weighed 6,lbs.

8 Cheesy Throwback Facts About Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Rochdale, Manchester, United Kingdom When: The heaviest cabbage weighed Robb in Palmer, Alaska on August 31, John Evans of Palmer, Alaska, grew the largest carrot , which weighed 18 pounds 13 ounces when measured at the Alaska State Fair. The heaviest tomato , weighing 8. The heaviest turnip weighed 39 pounds three ounces, and was grown by Scott and Mardie Robb who presented it the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska on September 1, It was measured on December 22,