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Is Synapse 2.0 the problem?

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When I use a wire all is ok. I had this same problem with my original Orochi the first edition and never got to figure out how to fixed it. At the time, there was already a newer version of the Orochi released, so I decided to just upgrade to the newer version. Wired mode is totally fine; bluetooth fixed due to this article, thanks! So it seems to be software rather than hardware. The Bluetooth explorer can also detect it but is useless with regards to pairing the mouse.

I had one too. Only then it will pair. To do so, press both side buttons and the DPI button. Even after pairing, it would always get disconnected over Bluetooth. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Raising Makers, not Consumers. How to get your own email domain name with Gmail. Best network setup to co-exist Use your Mac as a Bluetooth Keyboard for your iPhone.

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Bluetooth Explorer Low Energy Devices. Razer Orochi working fine over Bluetooth.

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Razer Orochi Mouse Driver for Mac OS X Driver - TechSpot

The AA batteries mean no charging dock has to travel with me; the Bluetooth means no receiver taking up space and one of my laptop's limited USB ports. There are better gaming mouses, with faster and more reliable proprietary wireless connections and more buttons. This is not a gaming mouse. This is a laptop mouse suitable for light to moderate gaming. As what it is, it is excellent: The side buttons are not very convenient for my grip and are hard to find without shifting my hand around on the mouse, but I tend to use them for nongaming functions anyway where that matters less.

The grip feels very good. I have small hands and use a modified palm grip; it would suit a claw grip equally well, but might feel too small that way in larger hands. On the other hand, it's tiny to pack, so that's a trade-off to consider. Speaking of packing, mine came with a neoprene case with a divider to pack mouse and cable in their own pockets, with just enough room for a spare pair of AAs. The packed case is roughly the volume of my Naga Epic by itself without dock -- a little wider, not quite as tall.

I love the OTF sensitivity adjustment.

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I love the profiles that set that for me depending on what game or application I'm running. I love the size. I usually leave it wired to my laptop at home and don't realize I'm using a "mobile" mouse -- even when gaming. I've had this mouse for a week, and using it for regular use when not at work with a Bluetooth 3. Not sure which revision this mouse is as I wasn't aware of the differences but based on the descriptions this Orochi could be either a 1st or 3rd generation device.

Steam says I've pulled 45 hours of gaming in the past two weeks, and I'd say roughly half of that was spent with this new mouse so about 20 hours gaming use, plus normal use, but certainly idle during sleepytime and while at work. I also want to note that I have been using this on a "battery-saving" 3M Precise mousepad. To be honest, I am somewhat disappointed with this purchase, especially given the price. While I think this is an excellent gaming mouse if a little small for my large hands , it is a lackluster Bluetooth mouse.

When about a foot away from my laptop, it never seems to glitch out unless the batteries are low. The Orochi tracks extremely well on both my mousepad and my wooden, finished desk, which has developed a slight sheen from years of mousing without a mousepad -- a surface which the mouse this Orochi replaced, an older MS bluetooth laptop model, had trouble with. Also, it looks pretty slick The most annoying would be its obnoxiously short battery life -- I've changed batteries twice on this thing in a week!

Sleep and wake-up times are set too aggressively on the former, and work too slowly on the latter: Meanwhile, it seems to take seconds to fully wake up and, annoyingly, only seems to do so after the second or third click.

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Also, the time it took to write this paragraph, up to the beginning of this sentence, was enough to put it to sleep C'mon I'm not that slow! The wake-up time becomes particularly cumbersome when you need to use it after going AFK, like when you're watching a movie, or have to step away. While I love the Orochi's mousing action, and half of me is happy to have a suitable Bluetooth gaming mouse; I also hate this device's quirks and thirst for batteries thank god for rechargeables , and the other half of me regrets tossing the box because it's going to make returning it all the more difficult.

Also, I think it's worth noting the software really oversteps its bounds: Also, why does a mouse need cloud functionality? I don't want to make an account to receive marketing messages through its omnipotent tray app , I just want to tweak settings! I have spent a fortune on Razer mice.

Seriously I have pretty much every mouse they make. I am a lefty so the 'ambidextrous' ones are what I use. My experience has been, these are the most comfortable devices I have ever used. The Orochi in particular is a perfect fit for my small hands. The bad news: Razer has got to have the worst mouse drivers I have ever seen. I can't even use the Orochi because the cursor suddenly just starts jumping around the screen for no reason.

The solution I was given: Use it in wired mode. I did not pay a premium price for a wireless mouse so I can use it in wired mode. I also have an Ouroboros which is not quite as comfortable to hold, but at least the cursor does not jump around. It does lag though, frequently, and with no pattern I can discern.

Suddenly it will just stop responding and then after a few seconds the cursor will zoom across the screen. I need a reasonably reliable mouse. I had been using Logitech mice and they did not have this problem. So it's not my PC causing it, it is the mouse drivers.

Trying to figure out the Razer Orochi Bluetooth connectivity problem

Razer Synapse? Needs work, sorry guys. I'm not a super heavy gamer, but I'm still a pretty avid gamer that appreciates this mouse for it's value.

It can be used as an everyday mouse, which I do, but with a bonus of being able to change the DPI up to dpi. The one feature that I like is that it can serve as either a wireless or wired mouse. However, when it comes to connecting the mouse via Bluetooth, sometimes I have to turn of the mouse and then turn it back on because it wasn't registering. And when it comes to removing the wire to change it from wired to wireless, at first it was difficult to detach the wire—sometimes it still is—but for the most part, you just have to know the trick to pulling the wire out.

One big issue I have with this mouse is that the batteries tend to die rather quickly in comparison to that of other mice. In addition, the mouse gains noticeable weight with the batteries inside, especially considering that this mouse is relatively small at least in comparison to my hand.

Overall, I'm relatively satisfied with the mouse, but I will most likely be buying a different mouse when the time comes.

Razer Orochi Configuration Problems

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