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  2. How to Hide Software Updates from the Mac App Store
  3. How to Manage and Hide Mac App Store Purchases
  4. How to Hide Software Updates from the Mac App Store | Amsys

You must explicitly launch the App Store for it to appear on the dock and the App Store will leave the Dock when it is closed. On the iPhone, one can turn off the red notification badges on the App Store icon by launching the iPhone Setting app:.

Now, you will have to open the App Store to see if any updates are available. The often annoying and distracting red notification badges will no longer display.

Video tutorial

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How to Hide Software Updates from the Mac App Store

Skip to content A persistent source of distractions on the Macintosh Mac OS X and also the iPhone IOS is the annoying red notification badge on the App Store icon urging you to update your apps and sometimes operating system, sometimes with disastrous consequences. App Store in Dock Urging Update to Mac OS High Sierra It is, for example, generally a good practice to wait some time after an update is announced and pushed by a vendor until the almost inevitable bugs are worked out before actually updating.

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In this control, one can turn off automatic checking for updates: Keep in mind; after you have hidden a purchased app on your Mac, you will no longer get update notifications for it. If you are using Family Sharing, it will be hidden from your family members as well. Anyway, you wish to keep some of your purchases concealed? Let me walk you through the quick steps!

Now, ensure that you are signed in. Step 3. Next up, you should see the list of all the apps you have purchased.

How to Manage and Hide Mac App Store Purchases

Locate the app you wish to hide. Step 4. A confirmation message will appear, click Hide Purchase. You have successfully concealed the app. It will no longer show up in your purchased list.

How to Hide Software Updates from the Mac App Store | Amsys

Step 1. All the hidden items will be listed. Locate the one you want to unhide and then click on Unhide button. Click on Done to confirm. Hopefully, your exclusive purchases will forever have the desired secrecy—from now onwards. Share your valuable feedback down below in the comments. How to Hide Purchased Apps on Mac: Keep Your Personal Items Secret.